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Here are a selection of photos from our recent performance 'Reasons'.



Odd Socks

Here are a selection of photos from our recent performance 'Odd Socks'. It will also be performed at the Stroud Festival on the 13th-15th September.

After the success of our recent performance of 'The Principles New Clothes' we have received the following glowing reviews:


"I was so pleased to see your production at Brown Lodge on Saturday. The children all played their respective parts well. They co-ordinated with each other to produce a flowing storyline that was easy to follow. There is natural talent in your group. You must have worked hard on the facial expressions and body language, as well as vocal delivery to the audience. Most school plays for this age group do not normally produce this quality in performance.

I am most happy for my grandson, Matthew Pugh, who is a natural showman, and I think he will learn a lot from your guidance, and the real talents of your young performers.


Looking forward to your next production.

Regards, Derek England."


“I love that in this piece (even though I am a narrator) I got to explore my character’s personality and dive into his characteristics. I feel like I’ve put in a lot of effort to make this character and I loved the end results. I also love the fact that I get to express his personality in the play. A great work from Emily and everyone else (Finley Mills age 11) “

Whats On?...

Coming Soon...

We have an upcoming performance called 'The Magic of Kindness' and isbeing performed on the 14th December at 3:15PM by our Rising and Young Stars and is taking place at Strensham Village Hall.  Entry is free but donations are welcome .