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"Emily does an amazing job with the kids and has the patience of a saint. The children are lucky to have someone like her to run the drama classes."


Dawn, Mum of a four year old girl

"It was great to come and watch the teen performance and see what you've all been up to on Saturday mornings, they all get on so well. They should be very proud of themselves. Thank you Emily, for all your hard work and commitment to the group, and for writing the piece for them. They couldn't have done it without you. I look forward to seeing what they do next."

                                                                               Jo, mum of a 15 year old boy


" What a fab show tonight. Well done and thank you so much Emily. I am very proud of them all. So many lines they have learnt. They all played their roles extremely well."


                                                                         Sabine, mum of a 13 year old girl

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