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Acting Up! Prime...

Acting up! Prime is specifically dedicated towards retired people who are looking to pursue a new daytime hobby, or perhaps reignite their existing love and experience of dramatic art.

As with all my classes I endeavour to tailor sessions to suit individual needs, however I have devised two packages enabling people to choose the one which most suits their requirements and objectives.

Tranquil Prime...

Active Prime...

This program is ideal for the young at heart and would best suit individuals who are relatively physically fit. Although none of my sessions are particularly strenuous, Active Prime will cover some physical theatre and mime. The session would begin with stretches and perhaps a gentle game or activity to warm up the body.


Please rest assured I will be well aware of any medical conditions which I will take in to account to ensure nothing to cause injury will ever be included. The session will also cover improvisation techniques, confidence building, team work, relaxation, text work, themed sessions and much more.

Tranquil Prime will be a calm and relaxing program of drama. There will be no physical theatre involved, however the mind will receive a fantastic work out. I believe keeping the brain active is important and these sessions will include plenty of word and memory games so important to theatre, and of course working as a team.


Tranquil prime will have a great emphasis on relaxation where the mind will be transported to a world of pretend where characters and places can be explored in great detail. There will be some improvisation and role play included in this package, along with relevant themed sessions, text work and play reading where students will have the chance to choose their favourite plays, read through and act them out with their peers.  

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