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Even the way I price my classes endeavours to meet the requirements of each person. I’ve never liked the fact that you have to pay for a term of sessions up front because if you miss one, due to inevitable holidays and illness, you still have to pay. While I would advise coming to all my sessions to really benefit from the classes, if you miss one or two, I’m not going to charge you, providing you are within my stipulated notice period. However if you wish to book a block of sessions you will receive a cheaper hourly rate and can save up to £24, but you will still not have to pay for sessions you miss (within notice period), please see below.


Pay as you Go  - £7.00 per hour


Block of 6 sessions (valid for three months) - £6.00 per hour. £36.


Block of 12 sessions (valid for 6 months) - £5.00 per hour. £60


Please note, company group sessions will be priced according to numbers in class and amount of sessions booked, which will enable a comprehensive and value for money package to suit you and your clients/residents or pupils.


Cancellation Period


Please give at least 24 hours notice if you cannot make a session as I plan my lessons according to the numbers I am expecting. If I do not receive notice within this time frame, block customers will be charged for the session, and pay as you go customers will lose the right to that option in the future.

If you wish to leave Acting Up! I will require one weeks notice please.

Thank you for your cooperation.