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Having done a lot of work with early years in nursery and Pre school settings plus toddler groups and parties;I thought it would be great to set up a fun and educational private class for this demographic.

Each week we will have a different theme but ever session consists of the following:

-Learning the welcome song with actions

-30-45 mins of themed drama depending on how the children are

-Songs with actions

-Interactive storytime

-Snack chat* (see footnote)

-Imaginative free play (if time)

-Learning and singing the goodbye song with actions

*Snack chat is an activity where I join the children at the table during their snack time and we engage in conversation to improve their communication and confidence. It gives them that important life skill of sitting around a table having a civilised chat during meal times. This  is a good routine for the children to get in to and its never too early to start. We do show and tell too which gets the kids talking and makes them feel special.

I also ensure I include fundamental learning areas of early years in my classes such as literacy, numeracy where required, understanding the world, arts and culture and of course the social and emotional development so key in drama and imaginative role play for young children.

Drama Tots...(under 5s)

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