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My all ability adult classes will be a great opportunity to meet new people while taking part in a number of fun exercises. We will cover a wide range of drama games and relaxation techniques which will provide an opportunity to escape the daily grind and fully immerse yourself in something different. Students will have the opportunity to build and develop a wide range of different characters through various forms of improvisation and mime. We will also be trying out a number of different scenes in the style of monologues, duologues, short plays, poetry, prose and general public speaking. As I have mentioned I endeavour to tailor my classes to suit individual needs. If a student needs assistance with anything specific ie help with an interview/best man’s speech/general presentation we can spend time working on this.

Adult Evening Classes (Teens welcome)

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This class is ideal for parents who have some time out while their children are at nursery or school and wish to participate in a fun session and focus on themselves for an hour. That said, it isn’t exclusively aimed at parents, we welcome adults of any age and background. We will cover a number of different aspects of drama through games, improvisation work shops, mime, poetry and prose. What’s more if you do have a child who attends another class with us you will receive a discount on this unique session. (TERM TIME ONLY)    

 Daytime Adult Drama